Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Life changing book #1 - The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars is in-unutterably incredible. This book is at the very top of my 'must read before you die, have a stroke and can not read anymore, or become terminally ill and you eyes stop working'  list, and although you may not know it, but it is an honor to be at the top of that list.

John Green creates an enchanting and eye watering tale of two teenagers who had begun their battle with life very young, and he walks you through their, pain and their happiness, their love and their hatred, and he creates a story that you are drawn to. I literally picked up this book and did not put it down until I had turned the very last page, it is that good. Many of you reading my blog will have read this book and will be able to relate to how astounding this books is, but for those of you who haven't then I urge you with all my heart to pick up that book and read as if your life depended on it. Thank you.

Here's a link to John Green's website -

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A bit about me...

Ok so before I start getting into the hardcore sort of stuff, I thought that I might let you know a bit about me. Firstly and by far most importantly, I LOVE BOOKS! Books of all shapes and sizes, all genres and authors, my life very much evolves around my books. 

You know that smell that books have? The smell that hits you like a hard brick wall when you walk into a library or old book shop, well I love that smell, the musky ancient smell of well worn, good books. The way I see it is that all books are good books and they all deserve to be read and read until the very last word on the very last page. This however does NOT mean that I have to like all of these books, hell some of them make me want to rip my hair out while i'm reading them, but NEVER have I given up on a book, I read them until the end, giving them a completely fair chance to prove that they were worth being published. 

So this is my blog, I hope you enjoy...